Best way to migrate to v13 from v12 Docker Setup

Hi Everyone,

I have an ERPNext Single Bench Docker setup up and running and I want to migrate it to v13 from my current version:

ERPNext: v12.16.2
Frappe: v12.12.0

I have tried the following approach:

  1. Creating a fresh v13 setup
  2. Upload backup of v12 setup

This leads to INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and in the maria DB container logs I am receiving Access Denied

Access denied for user ‘_ac0d16c08c91ddf8’@‘’ (using password: NO)

Mariadb user need to access db from wildcard host. %

Check if this helps frappe_docker/development at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

I tried this but I think the issue is with (using password: NO).
Have you seen something like this?

I have seen solution but they are all related to the case where (using password: YES)

If the mariadb is used from the container then it is related to container configuration and users in the system