[Beta] Frappe Accounting is here!

I cannot get past " Hang tight.
We are setting up your account." for hours .Did try twice. I entered all details . Im on Windows 64 bit .

Any help ?

Click on “View” and then “Toggle Developer Tools” and then post the screenshot if you have any errors

I set target folder in D: ,then no issues . Great work anyways !

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successfully set mine up and using now. No issues noticed yet although the UI would require more getting used to (or work :sunglasses:) Overall it’s been good so far.


When I tried to make payment option it’s not showing anything.
How to make payment entries and how to make the account heads default. (for example, If I’m creating a new invoice I need to select the account. the account has to be select by default.)

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Never thought I will live to see the .exe. progress bar on Frappe.


Installation on Win 10 Pro (8GB RAM) Intel 8 Gen Laptop was a breeze.

  1. Ctrl+S not working

  2. Drop down selection very slow

  3. Had to fight with mouse for changing qty

  4. Grid not in sync with header

  5. Couldn’t find settings to change the currency symbol and to make it to 3 decimal digits like 1.234 that is used in 3 Gulf countries.

  6. Default account not being chosen even though I had added to the party. Mentioned by @rk_root

Overall, this is a good beginning. Am sure with feedback and efforts this would reach a stable level soon.


I chose D folder and created a sub folder. It created DB file here.

@netchampfaris where is the software installed? I searched the C drive but nothing in Program Files (64 bits) nor in x86.


Thank you for your feedback.

I think it is stored in C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Frappe Accounting

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Yes the location is
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Frappe Accounting

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Thanks please report your issues at GitHub - frappe/books: Modern desktop accounting for freelancers and small-businesses.

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“Frappe Accounting” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.

“Frappe Accounting” is on the disk image “Frappe.Accounting-0.0.2.dmg”. Chrome downloaded this disk image today at 11:04 AM from github.com.

Right click and Open?

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You need to go to security settings to enable your mac to install software from Anyone. I presume the code was signed by an unidentified developer and MacOS blocks such apps from installing by default.

Hi sir can you share the installation steps for the Accounting

I don’t know if it is permitted to share non-ERPNext links here but if you’re facing challenges installing on your mac, follow the simple guide in this link. security - How to allow install of non app store or identified developers on MacOS Sierra - Ask Different

Unable to modify item rate

After Clicking on Help=> Learn More it is opening below url

Shouldn’t it point to Frappe Accounting Git Hub url?


I don’t see a way to create new UOMs or even set Item valuation rate (or cost price) in the current version of the app. I would assume that ‘Rate’ in the item master refers to selling price?

When is an updated version of this app likely to be released please?

Kind regards,

Hi @netchampfaris!

the new issues fixed and pull request will then pass to the compiled versions?

I saw several corrections but let’s say how to update being at 0.0.2 to test them.

I tell you again that this is great!