[Beta] Frappe Accounting is here!

Last Conference, we announced that we will release an offline Accounting software which was set to release in March 2018. Well, we are more than 3 months late. But, better late than never right?

We have a prototype to share with everyone in the community. Please test it out and give your feedback. This is a self contained app which will run on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Here are the download links:

You can report any bugs on GitHub - frappe/books: Modern desktop accounting for freelancers and small-businesses.
If you want to try development, you check clone the above repo and switch to electron-vue branch and run yarn && yarn dev


Super exciting! Can’t wait to try it out.

Good one guys!!! Will give it a try and provide feedback

download the windows .exe but opps the .exe for windows requires 64-bit windows… am on 32-bit…

Sorry :frowning: , we only have 64 bit builds now. We hope to provide 32 bit versions in the future.

It seems to be taking a mountain of time to set up. Been trying to set up account after installation for over an hour.

I am trying to set it up after installing

It appears to be stuck at the following, what am I doing wrong?

Thank You

Offline software intigrate with erpnext web based??

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@flexy2ky @olamide_shodunke did you fill in all the fields in the setup wizard? The haven’t been made mandatory, but you need to fill them all. @netchampfaris will make them mandatory in the next release

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I saw only the following fields

  1. Folder Location (Required to choose a file) …can you please confirm which file to choose ?
  2. Country …No drop down list I had to type it in manually
  3. Copany Name/Bank Name/Fiscal year start and end

I filled all this in to the best of my knowledge.

The one that could require clarification from you is No 1 Folder location…what am I supposed to pick?


I can confirm there was an issue with the Windows build, I have re-uploaded another one. Please download it again.



Looks great :+1:

How does this offline accounting concept works? Will it able to connect to on line accounting? How does it run under windows OS?
Many thanks.

In offline mode, it saves all the data in a file (sqlite). There is no online mode yet, but we are working on it.

Look forward to bugs and suggestions at Issues · frappe/books · GitHub


Awesome…Thanks for your update.

Will it sync with erpnext?

Not as of now! Ultimately yes… but evaluate it as a standalone accounting app for now. Lots of features in the pipeline already (via ERPNext Summer of Code):

  1. POS
  2. Networking
  3. Email
  4. Kanbans
  5. Mobile App