Better price list generation

Two pricelist reports are available

They seem to be a kind of legacy screens fromthe days that Erpnext was less awesome :smile:

1.Stock Standard report Item Prices: contains purchase/valuation related info and is not editable (add column etc)
2.stock Report: Item Price - Item-wise Price List Rate (sales related price info and columns can be added, filtered etc)

BUT: The fields that can be added in 2) is a kind of limited: Adding fields ( in the add field droplist) like Status(active,disabled), Show in website, Brand, Item_group would really improve the usability of this screen and allow to quickly make a pricelist in Excel, or so. Now I still have to link two Exel tabs (items and prices) to get the info out in an orderly manner.

In the long term a screen like used for the ledger would be used to draw any sales/purchase prices & related info filtered by any field ( or many fields) from the Item and Item price tables would give the end-user full flexibility to generated price related documents

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Can you please raise an issue in github for this?