Better Sales register Report

I’m proposing (although this can easily be done by an experienced user); that we have a sales register or pos sales report that shows “User”. Imagine a report that shows the user’s (cashier for instance) sales and total; so in the sales register report instead of customer we have cashier; this can be pulled from pos profiles, if the erpnext can have this OR maybe someone can build the report py scripts so users can just add the report types to their current installation without upgrading/updating (upgrades/updates are still scary :wink: ).

To better explain this; let me use an example; we recently implemented something on behalf of a store; a loyalty program where you get 1.5% discount when you spend above 10,000 in a 30 day period; we have cards printed and some edits done on the pricing_rule doctype to validate total purchases; so the popular method of having a Retail Customer ID for each cashier will not give you a proper report because now, cashiers need to select a card holders’ number to sell. a work around we had I to create cash accounts for each cashier and get the sales from there. but this is also problematic; I think adding a user column to the sales register and being able to filter this and get the sales total is a welcome improvement.



You can modify sales register report under erpnext/accounts/doctype/sales invoice/report… then you can user column on .js files and .py files.

Or make a copy of this report to be part of your own custom app. This way is recommended to avoid broken update.