Better Timesheet for ERPNext or thirdy party integration?

I’m in the process of evaluation ErpNext to manage my management consulting firm, it’s a projects and billed hours business so timesheet is an essential functionality.

As stated by other people in this forum actual implementation of timesheet is completely uneffettive for our consulting business.
See this discussion amongst other:

Do you know if there is some external plug in to have a better time and expenses punch in ? Or if any commercial tool like harvest or similar could be used integrated with ErpNext?

Thanks for any suggestion.


@Greg what version are you on? There is a much improved timesheet on v11-develop. If you want to get started with that.

I’m on v.10.1.43. I feel nervous to upgrade to a development version now…
Is there any demo I can try running on the v11 ?
Is there any documentation I can read on enhanced on timesheet on v11 ?


You can try it on