Bi monthly salary structure setup

My company pays salary bimonthly but i do not understand how to function in erpnext to set this function. I tried to set in salary structure bi-monthly but it shows full month salary in salary slip and system. any solution?

You need to set the Frequency in the Payroll entry as bi-monthly. Did you try that?

Is it bi-monthly as in every two weeks? In that case, you need to select the Frequency as Fortnightly.

Also, check the period field if the dates correctly correspond to the period for which the payroll is being run.


Yes I tried, but in salary slip, it showing me 13 days salary but showing me full day salary.

Our payout period is, we pay 1 month salary in two halves. 15 days salary first then after some time 15 days salary. I do not know how to function this

When you run the payroll entry, what is the start and end date that you’ve entered? Can you attach some screenshots for better understanding?