Bill multiple subscriptions at once

We offer multiple services as a subscription that we want to bill monthly, on a single Sales Invoice.

  • Each subscription can have different items, prices, start and end dates.
  • We would like a single Sales Invoice at the end of the month, that includes all active subscriptions.
  • If a customer has ten subscriptions, we do not want to send ten Sales Invoices but one.


Subscription 1:
Support, 10 hours per month, from Jan 2019 to Feb 2019

Subscription 2:
Maintenance, 5 hours per month, from Feb 2019 to Mar 2019

Sales Invoice (Jan):

  • Support, 10 hours

Sales Invoice (Feb):

  • Support, 10 hours
  • Maintenance, 5 hours

Sales Invoice (Mar):

  • Maintenance, 5 hours

Subscription would look something like this:

Optionally, an end date can be specified. In this case, the number of repetitions is calculated with info from the linked Plan.

  • Any ideas on how to achieve this?
  • Do you need this as well?
  • Would this be appreciated in the core, if we need to develop it?


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Additionally, we would like to invoice subscriptions even before they reach the end date.

For example:

A yearly subscription ends at 01.12.2019. We would like to bill it on 01.11.2019 for the next timeframe 01.11.2019 to 01.11.2020.

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