Bill of Entry for Import Purchases

@Smit_Vora As you have closed the Pull Request for Bill of Entry feature, can you please tell if the Bill of Entry feature will arrive in India Compliance App or not, if yes can you please share the ETA, as we have been waiting for this feature. Can you please also suggest how can we contribute to this feature to bring it to India Compliane App.

Thank You.

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@Smit_Vora Hello. The GST validation put in the new version is preventing us from submitting the Purchase Invoice of OVERSEAS supplier with GST input. (Earlier we could pass this entry).

Fantastic effort of your team to develop the BOE feature but please confirm if this can be pushed to release a patch or a new version of "India Compliance” before this FY22-23 ends as the workaround suggested is causing confusion and we want to get the entries done correctly in time.

Thanks again.

Hello Prateek & Umang,

Thanks for your interest!

The PR in question is open and is being reviewed by an expert at Frappe. Post this, it will get merged and released to v14 after reasonable staging time has elapsed.

how can we contribute to this feature

Couple of things:

  • Consider sponsoring to bump release of this feature.
  • Consider purchasing support for India Compliance.

Sure, once you sponsor, we will be happy to share an ETA. This isn’t the right place for this however. Please consider emailing / DM-ing us.

Can you please clarify what exactly the issue is?


  • Smit is currently on vacation and will be back after about 10 days.
  • Please consider DM-ing / emailing if your post is addressed to a specific person, instead of mentioning them in a public thread.