Bill Of Material In To Item

Hi Everyone,
I want to use Bom Item Table in Item Table.
How i can do that ?

Can you please explain your use case? If you’re talking about adding a table in another table, that functionality is not available yet.

i mean need to add the Materials Section in Bill of material to Item
so when add new item i see the material section on item

the photo show you the material section :

Any Answer plz

  1. Create a new DocType for Materials table in Item.
  2. Add required fields.
  3. Add the table to Item DocType using “Customize Form”.
  4. Write a script to fetch the values from BOM Item Materials Table.
  5. If you need these values to be editable, write the logic to update the BOM Item on updation of materials table in Item.
  6. ???
  7. Profit!

Easier and preferred way: Simply create or update existing BOM by clicking the relevant link in “Related Documents” section.

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Look … if i Duplicate The Bom Item table and rename it to Material item
and copy the code in to and edit it to run with my own code .

It is not so easy. What’s wrong with going into the BOM and doing the relevant modifications there?
After all it’s just a click away.

There are multiple things wrong with what you are trying to do:

  • If the particular item has no BOM, it will produce error while trying to save.
  • You are complicating what is really simple for saving yourself a click.

Hope this helps.


No my friend but i don’t know how i can the relevant modifications way

Anybody Help me ?

what i understand from arabic description , you are trying to defined an item to include many other items , you can use " Product Bundle "

let take an example :

you have a laptop , and your company sell it with a mouse and headphone and extra battery

So you go to item , make new item called laptop
and made item called mouse , headphone and extra battery ,
so you have 4 items now .
then go to " Product Bundle " choose laptop and you will find a table to add items
you will add to it mouse headphone , battery …

and now you can sell it as an item but it will stay in your stock each one alone