Bill to/ Ship to Purchase Order and RFQ

I want to try and create a custom form that will provide needed elements for a classic side by side Bill to , Print to: address pair on a print format. I have a few warehouse locations and I want something delivered to one of them.

If would like to simply add custom fiels that link to tabWarehouse address_line_1, city, state etc. How do I do this in the context of the Options in a way that the custome address field will populate with the address of a selected Target Warehouse in Purchase Order?

I don’t think anyone would understand this until you give a clear view of what you’re trying to archieve and how you’re trying you achieve.

Please try to explain in detail

My company has warehouses in different cities.

When I issue a Purchase Order or Request for Items, I want the address of the Traget Warehouse that I select from dropdown to appear on the Purchase Order that I send to Supplier so Supplier ships the Item(s) to the Target Warehouse.

I thought I would create custom fields for the Target Warehouse to add to Purchase Order. I want those fields to be poulated upon selection of the Target Warehouse. The image in my original post shows one of the custom fields and the manner that I have tried to fetch the address of the Target Warehouse from the tab_Warehouse table.

So I can end up with a custom format like this: whre the Ship to: address could be the Target Warehouse address.

The Easiest way I can think of is:

  • Add Custom Address Field in Warehouse,
  • Add Warehouse Field in PO and Fetch selected warehouse field.

This way I get most of the field using the customize form option.

Why cant i fetch address line 1, city etc from tabWarehouse where warehouse = target warehouse?

It seems that the address info for the warehouse that I want to ship to is already in a table?