Billed Items To Be Received

Hi, our practice is to create a PO, then create a Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice from the PO. We create PO in USD.
When we view ‘Billed Items To Be Received’ report then I can see a lot of items in this list but those items we have received and billed. What could be the reason of that?

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There are two reasons for that.
First: either you didn’t do receive at all.
Second: You didn’t receive all the quantity in the bill.
Also, in the case of Assets and service or expense items, you still see the items in that report. You could receive those as well but they won’t have any financial effects and no accounting or stock ledger will be created for those as well.

That’s the problem, PO is showing ‘Completed’ status while we have received and billed completely.

if you have billed and received it completely then the PO should show “Completed” please share a screenshot.