Billing and shipping customers in sales order form

I want to try and customize the sales order form to have two customers into my sales order form:
a billing customer and a shipping customer. There would be two “ADDRESS AND CONTACT” sections. The first would be related to billing customer and the second would be related to shipping customer.
when I do a sales invoice the billing customer will be passed.
when I do a delivery note, the shipping customer will be passed.
can that be done? Can someone help? seems relatively easy.



For now, sales /purchase transaction can be made for one customer only. In the Sales Order, you have customer’s both Shipping and Billing Address fetched. But customer remains the same throughout the cycle. Workflow which might help you.

  • Say you have two customer, A (for billing) and B (shipping)
  • Create Sales Order for A. Add address of B as a Shipping Address of A.
  • In the Sales Order, add a Custom Field and type or select Customer B there.
  • Also, add similar custom field in the Delivery Note.
  • When creating Delivery Note from Sales Order, Customer A will be fetched by default. In the Custom Field, you should also have B fetched. In Delivery Note, only Shipping Address of Customer A (that is actually of Customer B) will be fetched.
  • Create new Print Format of Delivery Note where instead of original Customer field, custom field will be shown, with the Shipping Address.
  • Sales Invoice will be created for Customer A only, hence no customization needed.

Hope this helps.

thanks @umair

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