Billing Time from Allowed Total

Hi I work for a company where our support is sold in allotted amounts to a company.

Can the timesheet and account functions work with say 100 service hours and each billed time draws down that value?

Like 10 hours of service against that project will have 90 allotted service hours left?


You can add a custom field in Project for this and use custom script to decrement the values whenever timesheet is submitted against the project.

Could you elaborate on the script? Is that on the frappe side or with the website?


Hey Pawan so I’ve started with this and began building the custom script. I want the total value coming from the delivery notice of a sale of ‘Support Hours’ to the project customer and then to have it subtracted from that total when a time sheet is submitted against it.

Would a get_value be too basic for this? How do I isolate Project based delivery notices?

Hallo Michael,
hallo Pawan,

that is very interesting for us also, but for our case i need to have this inside a task.
A Project are tasks - and they can have different activity types, and for every task, i plan to have some hours. For example 10.
And if there is a timesheet, where logged 2 hours, i can see, that i have a rest of 2 hours.
Very good also to know, the planned hours for all tasks inside the project - and the rest of hours, if some are logged in a timesheet.

Who can help me or share the custom-script?