Bills that do not exist are shown on the balance sheet

Hello people!

We have this problem that there are bills that are no longer, and are reflected in the balance sheet.

What we did a few weeks ago is to change from the database, the number of all invoices (bad start and crawling problem, we found no other way to do), this brought us some inconveniences but so far seemed to be smaller.

We look for these invoices that I mention through mysql and they are not either. We did becn restart and everything we could think of to see if there was anything curled up, but no.

Any suggestions for correcting this?

From now I appreciate already that the balance is used to corroborate absolutely everything.



In the Balance Sheet report, we only have sum total of Payable and Receivables reflecting in the account. Is it that invoices itself are not migrated correctly in your ERPNext account. Or is it that Invoices exist, but it doesn’t reflect in the balance sheet? If later is the case, ensure that invoice in question is outstanding. If it’s already paid, then it’s total won’t be considered in the payable or receivable account.

Hello @umair! Thanks for your reply!

The issue is that the invoice isn’t listed in the Invoice List, Customer Invoices and doesn’t exist in the database (I query by posting_date, due_date, amount, customer, name, etc) but appears in the Balance Sheet.

In case the issue is due a migration problem, any suggestion in how to fix it?

I know this issue is out of the general scope, but we can post in the jobs page for and hire a developer who can help us solving the problem?

Thanks a lot for your time

In the General Ledger, you can locate exact entry which is leading to the addition of balance in the receivable account. Please check General Ledger for the Account in question. It’s perhaps because of the posting balance updated in the account via Journal Entry.

Hi @umair, At first it was just two invoices, but now I have a 5 or 6 in the system detected that were eliminated, and still appear in the balance. There is no way to intonate these bills as they were eliminated.

I do not find a pattern that can determine what makes these sigans invoices appearing on the balance sheet.

Remember that I mention above that I look for them by mysql and they are not in the database

Anyone that you can label in any case that can occur to you that this is due?

From now on I thank you again