Bin doctype item name fetching


i am using bin reports in order to see the ordered quantities of the items ,
but in bin doctype there is bin code , item code but not item name
so i have to check each item code to see what it is .
i wonder if there is any possibility to fetch item name to this list?
and in their report filter . only one item can be choosen. how can i make string search?

thanks for your helps,
Best Regards,

Have you checked Stock Balance Report or Projected Quantity report to see if it meets your purpose?

Dear Pawan . Thanks for your suggestion.
Stock Projected quantity report fixed my problem.
Can’t we decide which columns to show there?

We have to scroll right everytime to see the quantities.
Column picker was great but unfortunately cannot use it at each report

If we could atleast freeze the first column in every report it would serve my purpose