/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Hello everyone, I’m newbie in frappe framework while creating first bench folder I get that error, anyone got it please help me. many thanks!!

What command did you run?

hello, I have run “bench init frappe-bench” in Installation document

And which platform are you installing this on

I know it doesn’t support on Windows. I’ve tried it on WSL2 on Windows

The issue most probably is that bash is not being used to run the installer script .
Two things you could do.

  1. Use a vm instead of wssl2
  2. Change the first two commented lines of frappe-installer.sh to #!/bin/bash instead of #!/usr/bin/env bash

(ideally run which bash in your terminal and use that like #!<bash-path> bash

thanks you so much <3