Bin webhooks don't trigger

It’s supposed to trigger whenever a change in stock occurs, isn’t it? But it does absolutely nothing when I generate a stock entry nor when creating a sales invoice. Is it bugged or is there another configuration to do?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

I am pretty sure after_insert event won’t work as Bin records are not inserted on each transactions… there is a record per Item and Warehouse, that gets updated.

anything that is updated by direct SQL query will not trigger webhook.

workaround, enable webhook for reference doctype that does trigger webhook and in your app make request to query bin with reference doctype filter.

if you have custom app add a scheduled job that watches for updated bin and makes requests to your external app like webhook. No other way I could find on how to watch/subscribe for table changes in MariaDB.

Try Bin on_update. Works for us.

Yeah I thought about that yesterday, and it worked perfectly.

That’s strange, doesn’t work for me.

Welp, none of the webhooks I configured (on_update, on_change) worked, so I did what revant_one said.