Bio-metric implementation for Fingerprint device has shows error

While installing configuration for Biometric implementation for fingerprint device, an error occurs when running the script python

The errors are,
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 222, in
error_logger = setup_logger(‘error_logger’, ‘/’.join([config.LOGS_DIRECTORY, ‘error.log’]), logging.ERROR)
File “”, line 204, in setup_logger
if logger.hasHandler():
AttributeError: ‘Logger’ object has no attribute ‘hasHandler’

@Ragulanvm, Please use Python3. I think you are using Python2, which is not supported. Thanks.

This exact issue has been reported in github issues as well.

But the attendance is not added automatically, it created employee check-in but auto attendance is not working?

I figured it out. Auto attendance is working now. so, we need to run python script daily to get the check in details or it itself added check in details automatically

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hello , i got same error

can you share the solution’s , and how you make it works /?