Biometric Attendance & its impact on salary slip

Dear Sir

We have configured a bio-metric machine from a third party with our erpnext hosted account

Now we can automatically see this log which leads to marking of Attendance for an Employee.

We have already configured “deduct salary for the Absent days”, from “HR Settings”. also configuration on the Salary Structure, where we have checked “Depends on Payment Days” for several components.

We understand that by default, this biometric triggered employee “checkin” doesn’t have direct impact on the salary. None of the absentee in our setup is on “paid leave”. we dont want to use Leave Application. Just One “Checkin” should be sufficient to mark an employee as “Present” Else Absent

While Making Salary, the Absentism should come directly

Pls confirm how we can achieve this



The current system of payroll is integrated with leaves and not with attendance, so even if there are attendance logs i.e the employee checkin, it will not affect the payroll. It has to be embedded it in the core.


[quote=“malani_mahesh, post:1, topic:57868”]
We have already configured “deduct salary for the Absent days”, from “HR Settings”.
[/quote] How did you do this?

Salary Structure >
“depends on payment days” should be checked for salary component(s)

Then What is the purpose of Employee Checkin ?

This doesn’t mean that absent days will be automatically deducted from salary. This will only occur if you then process LWP based on the absent days. So the fact that an employee is marked absent on attendance does not automatically apply to payment days as employee will still receive full pay regardless of absent days in attendance unless LWP is manually applied for that employee.

This is something that we have clamoured for several times for absent days to be automatically deducted from payment days in payslip but so far it hasn’t received any attention as far as i know.