I am unable to fetch employee check-in.

  1. ping

  2. python3 - service running…

  1. But nothing is here after refresh

  1. Employee Created

  2. Attendance Device ID (Biometric/RF tag ID) set.

  3. Screenshot of

  1. May I know from where we can get the value of device_id and shift_type_name in

These values should be set in ERPNextor Machine.

What I am missing?

Check Log File

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Please check the error file inside logs.

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Please check the error.log

May I know from where I can get this device id and shift_type_name?

If I have only one machine, so can I remove the second line for machine_2 in devices.

@lyf yes remove the second device , it’s causing ping problems .

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After removing second device…

Getting below error

when doing ping…


Is there any issue related to device name ???

or any setting I am missing in biometric device

@lyf are you doing the ping in the same terminal the code is running ?

No, I am doing PING from Command Prompt, and my ERPNext site is hosted on VPS.

Biometric Device is connected through LAN Cable to my router.

@lyf ok the erpnext is hosted . you are doing ping from your local computer . where is the code running ? the erpnext_sync code where is it running ? is running inside


Please check this SS

@lyf the code should be running in your local computer , a computer that is connected to the same network your biometric device is

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Okay I Understand.

so did it work for you by running the script on the local computer yet erp is on vps


A script needs to be installed on a computer that is on the same LAN network as the biometric device (i.e. Customer’s PC). This script pulls biometric logs and pushes it to ERPNext at regular intervals.

Please take a look at the Note on Biometric Integration in ERPNext

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


did you use the gui or cli?

I used CLI.

ok thanks

by any means did you use the file


I followed the steps mentioned here.

Also got the help form this video.