Biometric attendance tool

How to clear logs in biometric attendance tool.
It sync log only on and after 19 nov and i have set up Import_start_date = ‘20221031’ in

if you are not worried about the last import timestamp like you seem to have mentioned. Just take a backup of your “logs” directory and delete it. :slight_smile:

i have cleared all the files data in log directory but it shows error in status.json file.

Not working. i have imported employees on 19 November and created shift assignment. then i have installed this tools.
i want to sync attendance of November month but not working.
is there any other configuration for this?
Here is my configuration file :point_down:

The problem I am facing with this code is. Sometimes it puts corrupted data in the machine’s last row of the success log. Because of this script stops working I tried to fix code but not worked for me. whenever it stuck I go to the logs/success_log_{machine_id}.json and remove last line and then it works. Hope it helps you

@nomi-gee, request you to please document the exact issue with screenshots and all. Either here or in the GitHub issues the next time this happens. This will be helpful to fix the issue. :pray:

Please mention what is the exact error you are facing.

This is not your configuration file. This is a screenshot of the first few lines of your configuration file. Please put effort into giving complete information when you post your issues in this forum.

I have Replied you my issue.please help me with this. i have implemented this tool on my clients instance. for 19 Nov it takes log type as OUT and for 20 Nov to 24 Nov it takes IN.

I have set it to ‘AUTO’.

It should take first entry as IN and Next as OUT.

I have Also Faced the Same problem, Though it takes Perfect Entry in Attendance for In and Out. but in Log Type, It Takes Either In or Out for Both Entries. If any Solution is available for this it will be so Helpful Thank You.

@poojavadher and @Riddhi_Solanki,
I think there is a misunderstanding about how employee checkin is meant to work. Let me try to clear that up.

There is no option to alternate the logs as IN and OUT when employee checkin is created. This logic is expected to be handled during the marking of the attendance. And the related settings are in the shift type document (check out Shift Type).

Let’s now see how each value for the “punch_direction” key works:

  1. “IN” - Marks all the employee checkin imported from this device as IN.
  2. “OUT” - Marks all the employee checkin imported from this device as OUT.

The above two options are helpful when you have one device at the entrance and another at the exit.

  1. “AUTO” - Marks the employee checkin as either IN or OUT based on the ‘punch’ field value received from the biometric device. The ‘punch’ field is set on the biometric device based on the settings in the device. For most devices, you can just press the up or down arrow to change the current punch type. Your device might also have options like this and this. Please check with your device manual, or device vendor or explore your device’s menu to learn more details.

  2. None - Use this option if you want to leave your Punch direction field empty in your employee checkin document. This option is useful if you don’t want to bother with IN/OUT and you are going to set "Determine Check-in and Check-out" field to "Alternating entries as IN and OUT during the same shift" in your shift type document.

Please regenerate your API Secret immediately if you haven’t already. Assuming these are your real keys, you seem to have exposed them to the world.

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Thank you @karthikeyan5

Hi @karthikeyan5 i have a requirement to fetch punch log where shift of employee changes friquerntly.
for ex; today employee is present for day shift (6am to 6pm) and next day in night shift (6pm to 6 am).

i want to integrate biometric attendance tool for such requirement how can i manage this.

In erpnext shift assignment is compulsory but client have flexibility to manage frequent shift change on their biometric machine.

Hi @karthikeyan5 biometric attendance tool stop fetching attendance once dump file created ,
i have already applied this tool on client’s system

How can i maintain continuity of the system??

Hi @poojavadher
Did you find the solution?

ZKTeco devices are not capable of managing schedules, they only send events.
The best option for integration may be to integrate through the management software: BioTime.
There are several versions of the software but it is possible to obtain the events from the database (postgresql, sqlserver or mysql(specific version)) or there is also the option of using API.

All clock management should be done from the ZK software and obtain the information you need through it.

It is important to clarify that this software works only with devices with ADMS function.