Biometric Attendence Verification using Api

Hello ERP Community,
I am new to ERP, i want to integrate ZKteco wl20 device with the erpnext system over a wifi network without configuring an desktop
I have gone through a-lot of link and searches in erpnext forums but couldn’t find a better solution to do,
i also don’t want to use CAMS or any other platform to generate api script
i want to do it with custom configuration
Anyone here can guide me through the complete process
your help is highly appreciated
Thanks in advance
@hereabdulla @revant_one

I think it cannot be done with current sync tool

The sync tool runs as a service on any machine, desktop or office server. It is required to push data to ERPNext server using ReST API.

would it be a good idea to trigger the script through cron-job?


it is one of the option mentioned here Running this script in production · frappe/biometric-attendance-sync-tool Wiki · GitHub

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