Biometric Integration with ERPNext

Hi everyone. I have installed the v13 of ERPNext on Oracle VirtualBox and what I need to do is integrate our Biometric.

I have been trying the GUI but to no avail, it doesnt sync our Logs in the Biometric into the system.

One thing I have noticed is that there’s no SMWinservice running in mine, and i’ve been trying to figure out on how to install this. Im not that techy so if someone can help me with this.

So Im also trying this guide below

GitHub - frappe/biometric-attendance-sync-tool: A simple tool for syncing Biometric Attendance data with your ERPNext server

I have installed Python 3.7.1, Git Bash, pip, and pywin32.

I have setup the local_config also.

can anyone help me guide with this?

Its very much appreciated.

Thank you

up. can someone help me

when you fork this into your local machine, it has So I don’t think you need to install that.