Biproduct and coding

Hi ,
I have process where to manufacture end product(item p) I need sheet of metal later that sheet goes through multiple stages

  1. Shedding (sheet is divided into strips) (p1p)
  2. Cutting (each strip is divided into small pieces)(P2P)
  3. Revitting(p3p)
  4. Plating (p4p)
  5. Packaging (p5p)
  6. Barcoding (p)

So i want to name output of each stage because there are times I may not use all of the strips or all of small pieces of stripe generate at process 2. How can I implement this in ERPnext?

You can define multiple workstations and operations. See

@abidomar thank for your reply. I know operation and workstation but my issue here is how name the output generated at each stage and maintain its stock

Hi @abidomar

From the process that you’ve described, those are clearly “operations” performed in your manufacturing process. Now, if you want to maintain stock of the “output” of each of those stages then you first need to define the “output” products (eg. strips in step 1).

Once you have the list of these “output” products, create new items under the item group “sub-assemblies”. This way you can maintain stock of these products and also utilize them to produce the main finished good i.e. item P in your example.


Thanks Shashank for the reply. But i dont see any option to specify output product of operation in BOM.

One way to do it is to create each product of operation as Item also

The intermediate product is an Item also, not to sell not to buy.

You’ll have
Item “Strips” with a BOM that use Item “Sheet”, with Operation “Cut In Big”, to produce Item “Strips”.
Item “Small Pieces” with a BOM that use Item “Strips”, with Operation “Cut In small” to produce Item “Small Pieces”
Item “Small Pieces Reverted” with a BOM that use Item “Small Pieces” with operation “Revert Them” to produce Item “Small Pieces Reverted”
Item “Small Pieces Reverted And Plated” with a BOM that use Item “Small Pieces Reverted” with operation “Plated” to produce Item “Small Pieces Reverted And Plated”

That mean mange each qty you have to create as many as Work Order as operation.

But there is also an option that create stock movement at each operation, but If you want to manage intermediate stock, you have to make them as Item