Birthday celebration Mail


How to configure Birthday celebration Mail To all Employee via Notification Mail
Doctype :Employee

I need Help in This I don’t how to configure Save Doc-type like “Employee”

Harshal Nirmal

set notification email as 0 days before date of birth for employee doctype?

Do you want to send an email to all the Employee reminding them of an employee’s birthday? If yes, then the system already does this automatically.

If you want to set up a notification to send to the employee who celebrates his birthday, then probably this won’t work because of the year.

i just wanted to send all employee today His/Her Along with Celebration quote on Emp Dob

thanks for your reply I Just Tried & Let you know

yeah, wont work, i didnt think of the year issue,

what about setting a cron job to run daily to check bday and trigger a mail? will that be resource intensive if there is lots of employees?

This feature is already present in the system Please make sure in HR settings, this particular checkbox is unchecked:

Hi @michelle is this now fixed, that only employees receive this mail? At one point this wen’t out to all the users on the system…

Thank you for clarification


Hello Michelle

I don’t want to remind all employee His/her Birthday … I just wanted to send all employee birthday celebration Mail through the Erp system

This feature use to remind all employee … today xyz birthday


Yes it is possible to send it. for reference you can see send_birthday_reminders method in employee .py file.

its can be done through back-end

Yes from hooks files it cab be done

thanks for your Reply

Hey @Harshal_nirmal search for send_birthday_reminders function in file
this function basically sending emails to all the employees expect whose birthday it is.

So you can add one more parameter into that is cc and give the employee’s mail id so now the system will send email to all employees.