Bitnami ERPNext API does not work


I setup an ERPNext host in AWS using a Bitnami image and everything is working properly except for the rest api.

I have triple checked that I’ve typed in the api key secret key properly into the request and have made sure that the user I’m using has every permission. I can navigate everything on the website properly, but when I try to hit the REST API endpoint I get the following error : You do not have enough permissions to complete the action. I have attached image of response. I’m not sure what I can do to try to resolve this.

We also have a production eprnext instance managed by ERPNext. I have made the same exact requests to the production environment and replaced host and token and it worked just fine.

Same Here. I thought it was version issue, so I deployed a new instance of version 12.11.2
And still give me the permission error.

when I call the API using local instance it return the data smoothly

Am starting thinking that maybe is on Bitnami end fault on giving permissions or something related

Hey! you can track the convo here, seems like the issue is with Bitnami and the team is taking it in as an internal task:

Curious as well to know how things are going with ERPNext for bitnami as I am struggling with permissions, installing apps…etc

I think it would be safe to start by deploying a fresh VM (local or cloud) and then manually installing ERPNext 15 - rather than the quick deploy solution (via Bitnami) which has issues I believe. I have been facing them for the past 48hrs.

Can someone be so kind as to share a step-by-step guide to deploy the latest ERPNext either locally or on cloud? Thanks~!