Bitnami OS Password Reset

One of my clients has lost the password of the Debian. You may reset it by

Configure the GRUB boot loader to boot directly to the Bash shell in read-write mode as the root user. To do this:
    Boot the virtual machine and immediately press the Esc key to load the boot menu.
    Type e to edit the boot commands.
    Navigate down the menu until you are on the line starting with kernel.
    Type e to edit that line.


    (...) ro quiet splash


    (...) rw init=/bin/bash

    Save the change with the Enter key.

    Boot the system with the b key.

    NOTE: The changes made are temporary and will be reset after a reboot.

Once the system boots to a Bash shell, run the command below and enter a new password when prompted:

passwd bitnami

Reboot the virtual machine.

You should now have access to the bitnami user account with the new password.

Source: Reset a forgotten system password

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