Blank Link Fields Preventing Upload?

Hi all,
I’m trying to upload a few items into my v13 instance of ERP Next using the data import tool.
I am getting an error that a custom link field that I added cannot be found.

My upload doesn’t have that specific column in it, so I’m not sure why it would struggle to find anything or even interact with a non-mandatory field such as this custom link field.

I got around it this time by

  • a) manually creating one of the items and setting the link field to blank manually too.
  • b) adding a dumb/placeholder value to each record needing to be uploaded then including the offending link field in the csv upload.

Is there some restriction on link fields that they cannot be blank when an item is created by upload?

In the future when I’m doing much much larger csv imports I hope I don’t have to resort to such means and I can simply omit the link field or set it to blank and upload without worry.
Any advice appreciated.