Blank section in function list

Dear communities:

Why my function list is gone
I didn’t do any change on it
please provide me some solution to solve it



  • Did you try clearing the browser cache? Ctrl + Shift + R does the job for Chrome.
  • Is there any error in the console?
  • Did you make any other changes recently?
  • You can also try resetting the frappe and erpnext apps by executing git reset --hard in their respective directories.

I do some change in welcome email
like : title、footer
is that the reason for this?

clear cache I have tried before but it was not valid

Maybe check for some custom CSS / JS which is modifying all elements of a particular tag.

For example:

td {
    display: none;

but I didn’t do any custom CSS or JS
where can I find the whole section of module to adjust there display setting?

There is no such section.

I will try to fix my problem , thanks a lot

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