Blob display with (technical/DB) field_name - how to trigger the display of them?

I noticed that sometimes the framework (or the app installed on it) displays little grey blobs with rounded corners which contain the technical name (DocField name) of the corresponding field.
They look a bit like a title (attribute to html tags) blob, but these are little rectangles and don’t generally have the grey background, so these are not the same.

If I hover over them with the mouse pointer, they even offer a (+) sign, a click on which copies the field name to the clipboard.

I find these very useful if you want to quickly know the database name of a field for some SQL creation.

But they are not available all the time, and I couldn’t figure out how to enable or trigger their display, or even a name or keyword useful for searching for them.

Do you know how to get these at will, e.g. by hitting some key or other trigger or whatever other trick (instead waiting for them to appear, by whatever unknown cause)?
They seem somehow be related to the Alt key, but apparently not reliably.

So what’s the canonical or unofficial functionality and how is it supposed to be used?

Are there other helper functions, useful for the work on db, api, integration?

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Hi @Peer:

You mean this?

Using alt key while hover field works for me … always, even without developer mode. Is really useful.

Yes, that’s it.

Pressing “Alt” works for me too.

But there are also times when I don’t press anything and it shows these names while hovering on any field (in the main pane).

Also, the Alt key activates the menu display of firefox (which I keep off most of the time), so the Alt key changes the display somewhat. So it has a somewhat tricky aspect.

Maybe sometimes I spuriously pressed the Alt key and that’s how I found this.

It doesn’t work on child tables, though.

Anyway, if there are more functions like this, or others useful for helping getting into the internals, I’m still curious.