[Blog] Enhancements in payroll and Employee Loan Management


I think this is a great new feature. Can this doctype be used to manage other types of loans that a company has with non-employees like a bank or other third party?


Hi @KanchanChauhan

You’ve really made such a significant impact on the ERPNext HR Module in such a short time! Thank you for your excellent work. It’s very much appreciated :+1:

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As of now, it can just be used for Employee Loan Management but may be in future we can work on making it more generic.

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This would be a great addition to the accounts module as well. Many (if not most) businesses have loans to manage.

Opened this issue for tracking purposes


hi kanchan
when will this features be released? I think now just on beta

Yes right now it is just in beta. It will come out v8 which will be released somewhere end of February.

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Bumping up an old thread. Is the feature supposed to credit the principal deducted from salary each pay period to the employee loan account?

Should I raise this as a bug?

One more bump up for attention