[Blog]: How we create help videos for frappe application using script


I just published:


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Documentation Looks good. But, one issue either with automatic date selection or date selected by you.

Please refer screenshot:
At the blog published date, mentioned 28 August, 2017 & today is 26 August, 2017. How it can publish two days after which is showing today.

Either this blog should be published on 28 August, either should be in draft mode or date mentioned there should be 26 August.

Hi @aaimaa,

The Blog functionality of ERPNext allows to choose the date you want when you publish.

It is standard as of now.

Thanks for indicating. Fixed.

@chdecultot know, we can select date for articles, when it has to be published. I’m not sure it is human error or ERPNext bug. If the selected date, for example, 28 August. Then, Today(26-08-2017), why it is published? It should be automatically published on Date 28 August, instead of 26 August.

Let’s say, choose Wordpress for Inspiration while writing an article we can select a date when it has to be published, backdate allowed there but in the condition of a future date, this goes into the draft and automatically published in future as mentioned date.

It not published while writing or submitting if there is a future date. In case of this blog post, @umair has mentioned the date of future, while it should go into the draft, and should be published on 28 August as mentioned by him, not today. If this issue exists, can be fixed.

I fully agree with you :blush:

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@Bhagyashree_Aher @kolate_sambhaji Hope you checked it!


Hello @Umair

Yes, I checked this and Tried Also.
This is very helpful for those who are working on Ubuntu and Centos
And Surely my Trip to Conference is Worth.
Thank you so much @Umair For you spontanious response.


Just wanted to let you know it is awesome! Updating videos this way is a superb idea!
I starred the github repo and red the docs. It seems like this library is tightly coupled with frappe, and one cannot easily adopt it for some other product. Or am I missing something?

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