[Blog Post] Deployment for everyone

Deployment for everyone: How we plan to manage our infrastructure using Central

Would love to hear your thoughts on this :slight_smile:


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@Jay Thanks! it is up now.

Yay! That’s interesting!

Is it tied to a service provider (AWS, GCE…) or it just uses SSH?

Could you share any data on the number of clients/users per machine size?


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@Pau_Rosello uses ansible so it is SSH although we currently have 2500 sites per server, we want to restrict to 1000 sites if we can afford/manage it

only remotely related but still seems to fit here …

it’s interesting that (while the whole world seems to be going for containerized solutions to handle many instances of the same) Frappe is brewing it’s own soup to manage mass deployment (no jugdgement intended, just a though/observation)

There was a discussion whether it would be a good idea to enable ERPNext to run in a more separated environment then it presently does where it seems to be hard to separate services to separate machines (which is a common goal when building containerized applications).

Out of interest … is there any tendency or acknowledgement of necessity in the core team to make ERPNext more separable or are you just happy with what you have now? The fact that Central exists seems to be a pointer that Frappe is on the happy-with-status-quo side of this discussion.

@vrms we are happy with the status quo, but if there is enough interest, we can think about it

Containers are ultimately expensive at scale. And solutions to build container based multi-tenancy already exist, so having a home-grown solution should not be a hinderance!


Curious. So basically Central is a Frappe-oriented GUI for Ansible? Are you going to release it as FOSS?

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from the discussion of the blog post

@anand: Central is closed source as this is our bread and butter :slight_smile:

But we plan to offer this as a subscription to service providers to
manage their own servers, once it is stable and used for a few months.

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compared to what? Central? Generally docker lovers might disagree with that statement I could imagine

if you mean a containerized solution for ERPNext … which one you are referring to?

Sorry, I didn’t read the comments.

@vrms i meant scaling containers is a solved problem (e.g. Bitnami)

@strixaluco yes its an ansible GUI in Frappe! We don’t plan to open source it for now