BOM Access in sales order or quotation

I have created BOM this BOM access in sales order its possible.
See snap
A.C Pothle is a service add some item with particular quantity this service sale in quotation
how can do this

Any solution its urjent
Highly Welcome

Hi @Super_user007

Actually, BOM should be managed via manufacturing

Thank You @shraddha

but my business is waterproofing , providing services like surface repairing etc.

for example
service : AC Pothele
items used : cement ,polywaly,chemical etc.

this service add in quotation or sale order with price

how can do it,

-When you create Service Item as :- AC Pothele
in that Keep “Is service”= yes and Do not maintain Stock for service item thus, don’t have Warehouses.
-To create a Service (non-stock) Item, in the item master, uncheck “Maintain Stock” field,Item Group= Services, Is Service =yes

  • When creating Sales Order for the service item, select Order,Quotation Type as Maintenance. Sales Order of Maintenance Type needs lesser details compared to stock item’s order like Delivery Note, item warehouse etc.
  • You can also track maintenance schedule from Support → Maintenance Schedule document.

hi @shraddha

i have done this but
one service add multiples items just like product bundle .
product bundle best for my business but product bundle not showing item price or quantity

On Product Bundle you can give quantity for child item ,not price
But while making Sales order for Parent item i.e for AC Pothele
then you can enter rate manually or create “Item Price” for Parent item.
-When you create Item price for item and selecting that item on sales order Price will automatically fetched.

Thank You @shraddha