BOM adaptation or customization in MS welded pipe manufacturing

We have 3 UOM that run parallel. Using unit conversion gets very complex and creates errors and increases work load in terms of more computer entries.
For example.

Raw material:
Mild Steel Coil that is measures in “quantity”. Its attribute are “weight [non standard variable]”, “width of the coil [has limited standard combinations]” “Thickness [limited standard]”
1 x Ms Coil of 1220mm[width] x 3.00mm[thickness] 20.045Tons[weight]
1 x Ms Coil of 1220mm[width] x 4.00mm[thickness] 10.505Tons[weight]
1 x Ms Coil of 1220mm[width] x 1.5.00mm[thickness] 24.045Tons[weight]

The Raw material is cut into strips
MS coil = 2 x Ms strip of 600 mm[width] x 3.00mm[thickness] 10.02Tons[weight] and scrap of 20mm[width] x 3.00mm[thickness] 5kg

Step 3
MS strip is put into Pipe Mill for round pipe production.
MS Strip = 160 x MS welded pipe 8" x 3.00mm[Thickness] x 55kg[each]
**pipe is sold in unit,feet and weight collectively

Note: Number of pipes produced depends on the weight of the strip that depends on the weight of the coil [which is not standard and vary]
Due to non standard weight of the Coils we will have to make alot of varients of the Coils and Strips

We are currently doing inventory management on excel

Kindly help us setting up the manufacturing process that is easy to understand and work in ERPNext and how to handle them
I would like to pay if anyone can fix this problem for us

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This can be a really useful system if worked on. Can anyone help with it?

Has anyone a solution for this Problem?

See if this app will work for you: GitHub - ahmadpak/steelpipes: Custom apps built with frappe framework