Bom and item costing

I have a part number with operations
Part Number : sm-rf-01-01-prt
Its got two operations that is sub contracted
sm-rf-im-01-wip ---- moulded---- supplier name abc… (created a pricelist for this supplier)
sm-rf-prtng-01-wip----printing ----supplier name xyz----(created a pricelist for this supplier)

Now while creating a bom
Iam able to select only one price list whereas this part has got pricing for two different operations from two different supplier
I think it would be better if the price list is selected at the Material child table at the time of selecting the material.
or is there any other way I can handle this
one way would be to create another price list with all items and prices. But that would be duplicating

Hello Hemant,

For the Operation, cost is fetched from the Workstation master. Price List is applicable only for fetching rates for an item. If you have different rate applicable for an item, then you can enter item’s price for few items manually as well. Or rather we will suggest you to maintain separate Price List itself for the BOM.