BOM Automatic or Easier Updating

So, I’ve been talking about parts and BOMs with our Engineering Manager, and this is what we have come up with so far: All of our parts (11,000), and all of our assemblies (15,000) are revision controlled, and the best way we have come up with that is to have variants with those revisions. This allows us to keep track of technical drawings, inventory, etc.

Part Number: 120-001
Revision A
Variant: 120-001-[A]

Which works great! But here is where things become an issue:

One of our extinguishers is made up of several Bills of Material:

  • Finished Extinguisher
  • Filled Extinguisher Assembly
    • Empty Cylinder Assembly
      • Cylinder Head Assembly
        • Manifold Assembly
        • Piston Assembly
  • Bracket Assembly

So, for example, one of the parts of the Manifold Assemblies changes revision. So, we make a new variant with the new revision, And update the 20 or so Manifold Assembly BOMs. Then we have to update the 20 Cylinder Head Assemblies, then the 50-60 Empty Cylinder Assemblies, then the 400 Filled Cylinder Assemblies, and then the 1500 Finished Cylinder assemblies. That means rebuilding 2000 BOMs because one part changed from Revision B to Revision C.

It gets worse when you realize that there are approx. 200 revision changes in a year, which could result in tens of thousands of BOM changes.

We need some way of updating the BOMs to show the new revision without having to manually update all of the BOMs

@cpurbaugh there is the BOM Replace Tool, but it does not create a new revision, which it should.

The BOM Replace tool is missing from my ERPnext. I can manually type it into the address bar, but this is what I see:

By the way, it shows the same thing in our hosted version as well. Not sure why this is.

Edit: Nevermind, it was a permissions issue, there was only read access, and I needed read/write.