BOM Browser does not expand the child item of a multiple level BOM


For the BOM browser, it seems not to expand the child item of a multiple level BOM.
Please see the following pictures:

ly03-out contains two items.

ly03-out is the child item of ly01BOM, but shows nothing after expanding.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?



I also have this question.

Further to the last update the problem is solved
Thank you

No, the problem remains. I use Chrome.

I use also Chrome is me is not any more this problem

It has been fixed in the latest version

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I create a BOM with child items is not BOM, even if I make those child item into BOM, the original BOM does not expand.

Should I always create the child BOM first, then make the summary BOM?

Hi @yisama

Quite strange, can you please elaborate more?