BOM creating 2 items instead of just one


I’m creating BOM items. First of all, when I create an Item, name it “ITEM-BOM-”, and config as it below:

After that, I access the BOM creator, and, after input all the information, save the BOM. Then, I realize that is more than one item created.

Can someone explain me what is happening?

And how can I change the name of the BOM?


Are you trying to create the list of items in a BOM?

Your screenshot looks like you are creating a full BOM (not a list of items in a BOM)

In this case the BOM gets it’s name from the Item Code for the item you are going to manufacture.

For example:

  • You make Fruit Juice in 1 liter bottles
  • Your 1 liter Fruit Juice has an Item Code of FJ000123
  • You click the “New” button at top of BOM list to start a new Bill Of Materials for making your juice
  • You fill int the Item Code at the top of the new BOM form with your code FJ000123
  • Then you begin filling in the LIST of items that go into making the 1 liter Fruit Juice
  • When list is complete you Save the new BOM

When you go back to your list of BOM’s you should now see one that is titled:


The prefix of BOM tells you the document type: Bill of Materials
The Item Code in the middle tells you what the BOM is intended to manufacture
The last 3 digits tell the the revision number of the BOM in case you make multiple versions

*Note: You may actually want multiple versions of the BOM for the same product if you make 1 liter Fruit Juice in plastic bottles for one market and the same 1 liter Fruit Juice in glass bottles for a different market that requires glass. Having multiple versions of the BOM allows you to select the one you want to use when generating a Production Order to start the manufacturing process.

In your screenshot, it appears that you have changed the BOM prefix to “BOM-ITEM” and then let the rest of the system finish the name for you.

The system will always want to begin it’s naming convention with “BOM” followed by the “ITem Code” followed by the “Version” so adding the BOM-ITEM prefix only appears to confuse the naming of your documents.

The list of items required to actually build your product are only contained within the BOM document and are not visible int he BOM list.

The fact that you have one as Draft and one as Default means that you were successful in creating the second version of your BOM for product Item Code 00025. The Draft version of the the same BOM seems to have been your fist attempt that was abandoned before submitting it (which is why it is still in Draft status).

BOM naming convention is not able to be altered in the system without a developer changing the code for the document type BOM to allow a different naming scheme. So it will always be:

(document type) BOM - (Item Code) 00025- (version) 002

There really is not a way in the default system to alter a BOM name at this time.
Believe me… I would like to name mine with actual product names instead of Item Codes but that is just not available without some paid developer work.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your fast answer.

No. I’ve created a lot of items, and now I’m using this items to create my BOM. Let me explain. I’m creating a sort of solutions. Those solutions use some salts, and other chemical items (all of them already created in the ERPNext). My Items were created with “ITEM-CAD-” prefix, and my solution with “ITEM-BOM-” prefix (for example - ITEM-BOM-00001 - Dilution Solution).

When I try to create the fist batch of Dilution Solution, I create a BOM, with Purified Water (ITEM-CAD-00001), Soap (ITEM-CAD-00002), and a lot of other stuff.

Im ok with the huge name, it is not a big deal. Thanks for explain.

The second poing, one as draft and another as default: We hadn’t abandoned the BOM. We try to create one, but, at least 2 were created. That’s what I couldn’t understand.

Your explanation brings me another question: I will create a lot of batches of the same version. So, thats why I configurated the Item with this:

Is there a problem to do it? When I will create my second batch of Dilution Solution, How it will gonna be? How I will do it?

Thanks again!!!

When you create your 2nd batch of the same solution, it uses the same BOM.

You generate a “new” Production Order from the same BOM in order to produce the 2nd batch of the same product. The Production Orders are what keeps track of when something is produced. This way the BOM acts as your recipe and the Production Order is your manufacturing run.

That is why the BOM uses the product Item Code as part of it’s name so you can easily find your “recipe” to make the next production run. The BOM does NOT change with each run if the runs are for the exact same product. The BOM just indicates the product to be made.

When in the BOM, use the buttons in the upper right corner to generate a Production Order. Print it out and hand it to the the manufacturing person. Have them note on the form any discrepencies they encounter and give it back to you when it is finished. You can then "close: the production order and the finished product automatically is sent to inventory.


Great… I was thinking that the BOM was to produce… Thanks!