Bom creating issue

I still testing the system. I tried to create a BOM, but i get an error message, i do not have permission, and ask for permission from my manager. What could be the problem, i am a single user, and i check ed all rolles in user settings. Thanks

Hi @Zsolt_Erdelyi,

Manufacturing User or Manufacturing Manager can access the BOM, kindly check the role given to the user.

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Hy @rohit_w,
I checked all roles, even manufacturing user and manager too. All from the list.

After checking the roles don’t forget to save the user and reload the page.

Thanks @Dbone, but I saved, reloded, but still I have problems.

Try logging in as Administrator and making a BOM.

Also, have you customized the BOM doctype with custom fields?

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BOM doctype not, just customized print. I have just one login, this what I am using now.

There is an Administrator login with every installation. When you initially set up the system it was with the admin login. The admin user has full permissions to the system. It would be helpful to know if that user also says “No permission”.

when I created my own user for employee section, I made a ton of changing, I changed my email address too, maybe I deleted my admin account too, and I stayed with the new login id, which is without administrator rights. Maybe.
thanks for helping me and your kindness.