BOM Creation: same item used - input and output

Hi Gurus of ERPNext,
I’m trying to create a new BOM for service item of Laundry business process:

  1. Item defined as Service, maintained stock and customer provided instead of purchase.
  2. Sales order created → material request with provided by customer instead of purchase → material received from customer.
  3. Want to create BOM for the Item, Input and output will be same and later will be delivered and invoiced.

But during creation a BOM, I can not add the same item ending up “Filter applied for Name != Item code”


how can I address this issue OR is there any options/process that i can apply.


Hi Jewel,

So, if I have to guess, you will load up a machine full of clothes and you will run the wash. After that you will press those clothes and ready them for delivery.

What are the important variables for your business? What do you need to track? My guess is that you want to know how many clothes you washed and what was the direct expenses - Detergent, Water, Utilities, etc.

If you define that first (or let us know the variables that make sense for you to track), we can perhaps come up with options as to how you can hack it.



Hi Jay
Thanks for your response…

In this business you need to track what cloths you get from your customer and get delivered to them same cloth. it’s physically controlled by tags/marks of sales order numbers.

The entire process:
First you collect the cloths at boot and tagged them > send back to washing plant>Washing plant complete washing and packing> send back same cloth to respective booth with tag number>Deliver to customer or customer collect it from booth. Business can not expect cloths to deliver to wrong customer.

Secondary if you can get benefit of recording other costs like transport costs, water, detergent, managing salaries and so on… available in erpnext.

Hope i could clarify… on your concerns…


Hi Jewel,

Since you have to tag the clothes anyway, tracking the clothes on ERPNext is perhaps unnecessary. You can track loads on the machine and the associated costs by setting up the machine as a virtual warehouse on ERPNext and dropping the consumables into that warehouse. You can make a Stock Entry and produce WashedBundle by consuming up Unwashed bundle. Or you just do a stock entry purpose material issue and issue out the consumables. The unique number of that stock entry could itself indicate the load number and you can use a custom field to track how many Kgs or Pieces of clothing you are washing in that load.

Over time you will start getting data and be able to correlate consumables to clothes washed.

If you want to track clothes on ERPNext, you will have to setup all items as Serialized Items and then you will need to enter the Serial Numbers as you pass entries. The only way you can do that practically on the floor is to use QR Code Labels that can withstand a Wash. If that’s a possibility, the person loading the machine scans each serial number using an android device and that passes the appropriate entries on ERPNext.

However, the serial number of the washed item cannot be the same (as you need a unique set of characters for each serial number) so you need to do some scripting to ensure that with the same QR Code Label you can pass a manufacturing entry that indicates to ERPNext that the clothing has been washed, pressed or whatever.

All this will need significant customization and unless you’re a developer, your best bet is to find a service provider that can build this for you.

Else do the clothes tracking manually and do the invoicing, buying and consumption tracking on ERPNext.

Hope this helps!



Hi Jay
thanks for suggestions…
I am not a developer and hardly know scripting for customization.

I used to be a user of MM, SD, PP in both SAP and Oracle enviroment. I just know business process and erp functionality a little only. ERPNext is absolutely the best choice for small businesses… I’ve been learning it, since I came accross with ERPNext…

would appreciate if u let me know about ERPNext recommended service providers for customization??

further more is there QRcode generator and reading functionality with ERPNext?if there pls share the docs… for working around to explore further of using it…

Thanks the entire ERPNext team…