BOM Customization

I have to insert LENGTH & WIDTH fields in BOM Material after Item Code Column. Please update how i can do that using customization facility.

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Check this,

Custom Field

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the provided solution can not fix my problem, i have to insert Length & Column fields after Item Code under MATERIALS in the BOM creation form.

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pls support for the required customization.

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You can capture required information by adding Custom fields in the standard form. As well as you can add your functionality using Custom Script.

Custom Script Examples

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Still not supportive. this is a kind of CHILD TABLE to insert in the BOM Items table. this is the main customization needed.

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Using Custom field you need to add fields as follows,

Add Length, Width field in Child table (BOM Item)
Add Length field in Parent form (BOM)

and for calculation part, you have to manage it with Custom Script.

You have to explore on your own.