BoM draft created but cannot find "Submit" button

Hi Everyone,
My first post here. I’ve setup a company under “Distributor” domain. But we do manufacture (assemble) small standard components. I want a finished good “fan with power cord”. My raw materials are a fan and a power cord. So I’ve created two raw material items (Fan and cord) and created a item for the assembly too. I’ve set its default material request type to “Material issue”

Then I proceeded to create the BoM as per this video (- YouTube).
Under manufacturing I’m not seeing “Allow production Order”

Suppose that is fine. But after saving the BoM I don’t see anywhere to submit it, the status is draft. Please help.



Please check your Role permissions on document type BOM. Your Role should have Submit permission for BOM.

To check this go to Setup > Permissions > Role Permission Manager > Select Document Type as ‘BOM’


Hi, Thanks Prakash.

That was the case. I thought since I’m the first and only user, I have all the privileges.