BOM Edit after submission

Hi, How to change the qty of an item in BOM after submission.

Open the BOM, and then cancel+amend it…then save+resubmit

where Amend option ? I cant find it

You need to “Cancel” the BOM first. Once it is canceled, then the “Amend” button will be available for you to make the necessary changes

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and if there are material transfer transactions already? what’s the best way of achieving this

@tefobw cancel the transaction first.

It’s not so easy in V13. You can’t cancel stock ledger entries. Not sure about older versions

Did you try data import with “Update Existing Records”? Try changing the Qty via data import and check if it works?

WOW… If it works, will be amazing!!! Waiting ansious!

But… How it will behave with the stock ledger entries?