BOM error on submitting stock transfer for manufacturing


I am testing BOM and Manufacturing, and am getting an error when the ‘Material Transfer for Manufacturing’ Stock movement is submitted:

OperationalError: (1048, “Column ‘reserved_qty_for_production’ cannot be null”)

I have checked the form and cannot see any errors - all quantities displayed on the form are in stock and not zero.
I also receive the same error when I try to stop the production from the Manufacturing > Production Order form.

Is there some more information I can provide to assist with debugging?

Many thanks,

Hi @Marty,

Kindly share the version of your applications

Hi @rohit_w,

Sorry for the delay in replying - I was offline for a few days.

I tried to recreate the problem on a clean VM and was unable to. On closer inspection of the problem installation I found that the MariaDB version was 5.5. I upgraded to MariaDB 10.1 and the problem has been resolved. I also rebooted after the DB upgrade, which may or may not have had any effect :slight_smile:

For the record, the versions of frappe and erpnext were both 7.2.0

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