BOM Explorer, Custom field calculation

Hello Team,

I have added two custom fields in BOM Explorer at the item level such as

  1. Percentage.
  2. Total Price.

For the Quotation purpose, We need to edit the Percentage (custom field) created at the BOM explorer such as 10%, 20%, or 30% and Multiply with Last purchase Rate as shown below to arrive total price automatically.

pls do suggest the any client script for this , thanks

Hey this is a report and client script should not be used in the report. For that you have to develop or customize the report

We need to generate BOM Pricing with including the buffer allowance, so the required fields are

BOM Number
Item Name
Last Purchase Rate (Deriving from PO)
Percentage (Editable Field)
Total Price ( Shall calculate from Last Purchase Rate X Percentage)

Do you suggest what kind of report fulfill this requirements. thanks and appreciate your time


Please check the report code and set it the scenario according.

thanks , will explore the option