BOM Export to Excel

Just realized want to export Multi-level BOM to excel for analysis, can anyone tell me how to do this ?


Would love to see this function as well. I’ve searched everywhere online and all I can find is an outdated method involving Report Builder that doesn’t apply to the latest version of ERPnext. I’m curious to know why something so simple would be omitted from the export functionality.

That would be extremely useful. Right now it is possible to export PDF but often it is useful to have BOM in Excel or CSV.

Concrete pointers - to posts, screenshots, code, bug reports and so on - will help resolve this mystery…

Thanks Clarkj,

Unfortunately the lack of concrete pointers is the crux of the mystery and there isn’t a Butler in sight.

This simple truth is that I cannot find anywhere in ERPNext that I can do simple export of a BOM.

  • In the settings module > Data Export > there is not an option to export Bill of Materials.
  • In the Manufacture Module > Mfg Settings > there is not an option to export Bill of Materials.

For the moment I’ve already manually made all my BOM in excel but that is extra work.

I mentioned above that I found an old post relating to “Report Builder” . Sadly I believe Report Builder has been shelved.

So, I wonder why it is that BOM’s are not able to be exported as easily as, almost all other data. I assume that there is a good development reason.

To be clear, I’m not grumpy or complaining, I’m trying to understand how to extract the the data in this format to save myself time avoiding double data entry in the future


No, Report Builder has not gone anywhere

I am not familiar with how BOMs are implemented that would prevent them from being exported as you say.

Thanks for your thoughts; do persist with your exploration, ‘why not’ questions are how this tool evolves.

@toceguera Make sure you have Export allowed for BOM:

Role permission manager:


Ohh This is exciting!

I have gone to this page many times and not seen that option. I have full rights on the system, all roles.
I’ll look now to see what comes up. I’d be happy to see that it was just a doctype permission issue.

Thanks Kenneth

Yesssss that was it! The Doctype was not allowed to be exported by any user role. This must be a default setting because I’ve never changed it.

I’ve now set it to be exportable by the Manufacturing Manager Role. I’ve tested it and it does what I need.

Kenneth, thanks for taking the time to answer my question and solving my issue. I’ve learned a little more and will pass it on to the other threads where I saw similiar

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The program has been restructured since this was written.
It is now located in ERPNext > Manufacturing > BOM (select “Report View”, select desired BOMs) > Actions (select Export)