BOM for a product where few items a fixed


I want to create a BOM where 2 item is fixed and 3 item change with the unit.


A require 1 qty
B require 1 qty
C require 32 qty
D require 32 qty
E require 32 qty

to produce 32 qty of F product


A require 1 qty
B require 1 qty
C require 62 qty
D require 62 qty
E require 62 qty

to produce 62 qty of F product

so A and B is fixed in qty

so How can i Make a BOM where few I items will be fixed

@Sumit_Das I agree! This feature would be excellent. I have a similar problem, where, in order to manufacture a “Gizmo”, the BOM has to have:

1 Gadget (will remain with finished product)
1 Widget (will remain with finished product)
1 Bin (WILL NOT remain with finished product)

Thus, the process calls for the assembly of the Gadget and the Widget while they remain on a “Bin”, a fixed asset. The Bin serves as a logical unit containing those assembly parts. Once the production order is done, upon posting the stock entries the Bin should be returned to a specific warehouse as designated in the BOM by the user.

It would seem that there is a need for three sections in the BOM

  1. Operations
  2. Materials
  3. Fixed Assets

In conclusion we need to request the following:

  1. Addition of a fixed assets section for each BOM.
  2. Destination warehouse of each fixed asset upon closing the Production Order.

For example, let’s say that the Bin, once the Widget and Gadget have been assembled into the Gizmo, has to be cleaned. One possible warehouse must be “Post production Bin washing”. There could be a BOM called washing, which upon completion transfers the fixed asset back to the Bin storage warehouse, so it is ready for the next assembly.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions appreciated!

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