Bom for manufactured items

Can somebody guide me on this
let me give an example
I have an item
front housing -
the above item consists of the following operation and each operation shall be stocked with different item numbers
front house casting -01
front house milling - 02
front house sand blast - 03
front house anodoising - 04

all the above 4 operations have been given an item number
how do I handle this in the bom
thanks in advance

So, you’re saying that the front housing has a different part number between each process?

What I would do is create Several Items, and I’ve given them codes:
01-00 Front housing - raw material
01-01 Front housing - casted
01-02 Front housing - milled
01-03 Front housing - sand blasted
01-04 Front housing - anodoised

Next, Create 4 Operations:
Front House Casting
Front House Milling
Front House Sand Blasting
Front House Anodoising

Next, create 4 BOMs
Finished Product: 01-01 Front Housing - Casted
Operation: Front House Casting
Components: 01-00 Front Housing - Raw Material

Finished Product: 01-02 Front Housing - Milled
Operation: Front House Milling
Components: 01-01 Front Housing - Casted

Finished Product: 01-03 Front Housing - Sand Blasted
Operation: Front House Sand Blasting
Components: 01-02 Front Housing - Milled

Finished Product: 01-04 Front Housing - Anodoised
Operation: Front House Anodoising
Components: 01-03 Front Housing - Sand Blasted

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